3 Best & Free Apps To Monitor Your Driving Speed

As we know that while driving car or other vehicle, we must be careful about the driving speed in different place or location. So, in this age of technology, there are various tech lovers who will like to use some of the apps to monitor the driving speed. Yes guys, there are various ultimate free apps that will monitor your speed while you are driving car or other vehicle.

So, in this article I’m going to tell you about 3 best and top rated free apps to monitor your driving speed. These apps will really help you a lot while driving. Now, look at a glance on these 3 best apps –

1. Trapster



Trapster is the best and most popular app for vehicle speed monitoring. This free app has been launched in 2008 and downloaded by approx 14 million people. It’s main feature is that this app warns you according to the speed limit of location. It also indicates the positioning for driving. This app also contains thousands of camera locations which guides you a lot during journey.

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For Android devices, you can free download this app from Google Play Store and for iPhone and iPad Apple devices, download this app from iTunes app store.

2. Beat The Traffic

Beat The Traffic

Beat The Traffic

Beat The Traffic is the easiest way to enjoy hassle free commute in USA and Canada. It means this app is only helps you when you are at USA or Canada. There are various features of this app like warns you about traffic delays, Location aware, get rid of ads, real time route information including average speeds, incidents, road works near you and many more.

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You can read the more features on Google Play and iTunes app store. So, Android users can download this app from Google Play and iPhone and iPad users can download from iTunes Store.

3. Speed Detector EVO

Speed Detector EVO

Speed Detector EVO

Speed Detector EVO is an amazing speed detecting Android app which is free for all Android users. Its interface is simple and very easy to use. After downloading this application, run it on your Android device and place your phone onto the dashboard of your car. It will run perfectly only when there is good GPS signal. Another feature of this app that you don’t need to keep watching your phone screen all time while using app because it warns you through sound and you’ll be aware of speed trap in front of you.

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You can install this interesting and useful app on your Android device from Google Play Store.

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