3 Musical Websites To Play Keyboard Piano Online For Free

Many music lovers love to learn and play piano. Some of the piano lovers like to play piano in their leisure time or to fresh up their mind from the day long busy schedules. But due to the unaffordable price of piano, some people could not purchase this musical instrument even if they desire.

So, I am here with the interesting information for the piano lovers. To play or learn piano you don’t need to buy it. You can play it for free. Don’t be surprised. Most of you may have heard about “Keyboard Piano”. And if you have not heard then let me tell you about what actually keyboard piano is. Keyboard piano is the virtual piano displayed on your computer’s screen and can be easily commanded by your computer’s keyboard.

Keyboard Piano

Keyboard Piano

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There are some superb websites where you can play these keyboard pianos online for free. So today I am going to fetch such 3 websites where you can play online keyboard piano for free. Now without any delay I am going to deliver such websites where you can play keyboard piano online.

3 musical Websites to play keyboard piano online are as follows –

1. Bgfl.Org

Bgfl.Org is an awesome website where you can play online keyboard piano for free. The instructions related to play keyboard piano has been displayed on the left side of the screen. To change the sound you can try the other eight musical instruments like double base, steel drum, guitar, strings, pan pipes, flute, saxophone and organ.

This website also provides six different drum beats. Click on drum beats to turn it on and to turn it off click the drum beat button again. Click the chord mode button to turn on and off the chord facility. For further and more details visit the website.

2. OnlinePianist.Com

Online pianist is one of the best website to play virtual keyboard piano for free. The website provides different instructions related to play virtual keyboard piano. To get instruction related to piano chords and piano scales, click on chords. Online pianist is an animated piano tutorial application for both desktops and iPads.

This website also provides different free tutorials to learn how to play online piano for free in a funny and easiest way. Here you can learn to play keyboard piano based on different categories like Pop, Rock, Classic, R&B & HipHop,  Christmas, Games, Jazz&Blues, Traditional, Kids and many more. For more information visit the website.

3. ButtonBass.Com

ButtonBass.com is an amazing website developed by Jason in 2007. The website has proved itself to a superb website with its cool features. This website provide different instruction related to play online keyboard piano easily. The instruction related to play piano, choose song, piano effects, record voice sample, play mixer and many more are also provided by the website.

The website also provides facility to record the music. Here you will get different collection of musical instrument to change the sound of the music. The instruments beside piano which are available on this website are as follows guitars, cubes, organ and many more for more. For information related to play keyboard piano visit the website.

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So, I hope you’ll like these websites. Enjoy piano for free on these interesting websites.

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  • Kavya

    I liked these websites to play piano online but initially it’s slightly difficult to understand the keys. BTW thanks!