5 Most Interesting Gadgets For Daily Purpose In 2013

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[Published on: Jul 7, 2013]  Today the gadgets have become the part of our day to day life. Gadgets add comfort, style and standard to our lifestyle and make our life more pleasant and commode. This article gives you the 5 most interesting gadgets for daily purpose in 2013 that will make your life easy and comfortable.

In this article most of the gadgets are less space consuming gadget like tulip bath/shower and codlo. Some of the gadget will help you a lot when you want to access internet for urgent information. Others are interesting and unimaginable gadgets like transparent TV and WAT lamp. So for getting more information about these gadgets read the below lines.

5 most interesting gadgets for daily purpose in 2013 are as follows:

1. Codlo : The Most Interesting Cooking Gadget



Codlo is a cooking gadget that works on sous vide method. Sous vide is a method of slow cooking food and make them more delicious. Sous vide has a plastic bag which is deeply merged in water. But the sous vide device is very expensive. So codlo has been discovered.

Codlo is an affordable gadget that can convert your cooker into sous vide device. This is very easy to set and can be done in few seconds. Your cooker can be converted into sous vide device very easily and at a low cost, just by connecting your cooker with codlo and set the temperature of codlo. This is what you have to do.

Coddle is a time saving gadget because you don’t have to remain in kitchen at the cooking time. It follows the traffic light rule. It displays three colors red, yellow and green. These colors indicate the following functions.

Red indicates that your cooker is getting ready to cook. Yellow indicates that your food is ready to cook and has reached the temperature you have set in the codlo. Green indicates that your food is ready.

So make you cooking easier with codlo.

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2. WiFi USB Device : An Amazing Internet Access Gadget

WiFi USB Device

WiFi USB Device

WiFi USB Device is very useful and interesting device of 2013. It can access internet at anytime and anywhere you want. Sometimes when you are out of station and need to access information from internet in that case WiFi USB device is going to help you a lot. Through WiFi USB device you can access your information from internet at anytime and anywhere you are.

3. Tulip Bath Shower : A Small And Luxury Bathroom

Tulip Bath Shower

Tulip Bath Shower

Normally in metropolitan cities there is a problem with space. To get rid of this problem tulip bathing shower has been designed by Piotr Pyrtek. This gadget is very useful it don’t only solve the problem of space but also has enormous characteristics. It proves to be the luxury bating gadget. You can take shower as well as enjoy it as a bathtub. Underwater jets, massagers and programmable sequence give a very relaxing experience.

4. WAT Lamp : Lamp That Uses Water As Fuel

WAT Lamp

WAT Lamp

WAT lamp is an amazing gadget that uses water as its fuel. Isn’t it interesting to sound? This is an eco friendly gadget. Its mechanism is not so strange. It works on simple electrochemical reaction. When the water combines with hydroelectric battery, it generates electrochemical reaction which light up the lamp. It is futuristic gadget and can be used anywhere.

WAT LAMP has been designed by Menon Lablance. He has designed this lamp completely cordless. It is a simple and modern device.  The only thing needed to light up this lamp is H2O.

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5. Transparent TV: A Marvelous Piece Of Technology

Transparent TV

Transparent TV

Transparent TV is a marvelous piece of technology by Michael Friebe. It is combination of conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. The surface of the TV is fully clear when it is not active but is colorful as you activate it. You will surely love this invisible television design.

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