Detection of variety of touch gestures to turn every thing into touch screen

Researchers at Disney research Carneie mallon university,discovered a new technology to turn every thing into the touch screen.They have created a system that can detect a variety of touch gestures on every day objects.

This technology scrutinizes a novel swept-frequency capacitive-sensing technique that can not only detect the touch event but also identifies complex configurations of the human hands,fingers and body.

In capacitive sensing,when object touched by conductive material such as a human finger then an electrical signal passing through the object changes.This type of sensing is already used in many objects like smartphone touch screen ,but these devices use electrical signals at only single frequency.

The use of multiple frequencies permits the system to find the difference between a single finger,multiple fingers,a full hand touch and many other touch gestures.

The single sensing electrode attached to the object at one end and the computer is attached at other end to the object.This technique analyses the different frequencies to identify the particularly gesture in use.


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