How to Check Internet Balance in Reliance 3G NetSetter

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Many of my friends use Reliance 3G NetSetter and suggested me to use it. So, I just purchased Reliance 3G Net Setter to enjoy the 3G Internet balance volume of Reliance.Actually, I was new to Reliance 3G and feeling difficulty to check the Internet balance volume.

Well, Reliance 3G Netsetter by default provided a feature to check your Internet usage. But it does not show the accurate remaining data balance. Sometimes it may show you little remaining Internet balance and sometimes too much data plan. So, it is not reliable one.


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The image shows you default feature to check Internet balance in Reliance 3G NetSetter.

Check Internet balance by clicking on data Records

Despite this, I’m feeling a great difficulty to check Internet balance in my Reliance 3G NetSetter because this method is not reliable. At last a friend of mine told me an accurate and reliable way to find out the Net balance in not only in Reliance 3G NetSetter but in any device that enables you to send SMS through Reliance SIM.

Let’s see, how can you check the Internet data balance in your Reliance 3G netsetter.

  • Open the Reliance 3G NetSetter program.
  • Click on SMS box.

Reliance MSG box

  • Click “New” to compile a new message. In the new window Type MBAL in message body and send to 55333. It’s toll free.

Check Internet balance in Reliance 3G

Now check your SIM Inbox to check your Internet balance in Reliance 3G NetSetter. I hope you should receive balance volume information in your inbox via a SMS sent by Reliance mobile center.

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