How to Create Blogspot Blog Sitemap to Submit on Google Webmaster Tools

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Hello friend! If you’re started a new blog and wanna make it visible on Google soon, so it is very necessary to submit a sitemap of your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. Sitemap of your blog makes your articles live on Google in a timely manner.After submitting sitemap, you can also find that how many articles you have submitted and how many of your articles indexed by Google. It is the best way to make your articles live on Google very immediately.

So, every bloggers need to submit their blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools. Actually, you can create a sitemap in WordPress blog using plugin but the method of creating sitemap in Blogspot blog is completely different. I’ll tell you the step by step procedure to create and submit sitemap of any Blogspot ( blog.

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  • First of all, log in with your admin of your Blogspot blog and go to “Settings”.
  • Now Click on “Search Preferences” and and Enable robots.txt content. Copy the following text in the Clipboard:

You only need type the name of your blog at place of and search engines will automatically discover your XML Sitemap file through robots.txt.

In addition, you can add your blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools to see how many your articles have submitted and how many have indexed by Google. Simulate following steps to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Open Google Webmaster Tools and sign in with your account.
  • Here you will see your blogs. Click on your blog in which you want to add sitemap.
  • Now Click on “Optimization” and then Click on “Sitemaps” button.
  • Click on Sitemap image as given below.

Sitemap settings

  • Now, click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP.
  • Now Paste this code in the box if your blog have 500 max articles.


  • If your blog articles are more than 500, you can paste another code below the above code without removing the previous code.

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That’s all! You have done! After a little time you will be able to see that how any articles you have submitted and how many indexed by Google. I hope this article will help you t create submit your Blogspot blog sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools.

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