How To Delete Your Google, Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin Accounts

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As we all know that Google, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, all of them are most popular, useful and entertaining place. According to me, it is very necessary for everyone to have their account on all the above online places in this age of technology. But due to some reason if anybody want to delete their account from Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin then it is very easy to get relief from your online presence.

Delete Social Accounts

So, without wasting your busy time, I just move on to the steps performed to delete your online accounts. Have a look on the following tricks –

How To Delete All in One Google Account

It is very easy to delete your Google account. Google itself provides the facility to delete its account. Here’s the easy steps –

  • Visit the page and after logging into your account select Data Tools tab as shown in image.
Delete Google Account

Delete Google Account

  • Now, I pointed towards the Account Management Section. Here you will see the option to delete your Google+ profile & Features, option to delete Account and Data and option to delete products.
  • So, if you choose the first option, your Google+ account will be deleted and on choosing second option your whole Google account and it’s data such as your purchased apps and more will be lost.

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How To Delete Twitter Account

Deleting of Twitter account is as easy as of Google. You just need to follow a few steps –

  • Go to and after signing into your account scroll down the screen to bottom.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the link to Deactivate My Account. Click on it.
Delete Twitter Account

Delete Twitter Account

  • Now after opening the next page, Click on Deactivate Button. Your account will be deleted.

How To Delete Facebook Account

As we all know and see that Facebook only discloses the option to deactivate your account not to delete permanently. By that option, you can only deactivate your Facebook account for some time. But guys, I’ve already published an article to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Here’s That: How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

So, friends go through the above link and follow the steps to delete your Facebook account.

How To Delete Linkedin Account

Now, I tell you about the deleting process of your Linkedin account. So, have a look on these empiric steps –

  • Go to and sign in with your account.
  • Here Click on Account button and you will find the link named Close Your Account.
Close Linkenin Account

Close Linkedin Account

  • As you click on Close Your Account, it will ask you reason of deleting your account. So, give the reason and proceed.


Social networks are such place where you can connect with your loving ones 24×7 whether you are much far from them. The people around the world use the social networks for various purposes such as business promotions etc. But still many times we have to remove our account from such online places. If so, you can use the above methods to delete your Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts but be careful about that because it may lead to removal of all your online data.

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