How To Find Your Own Mobile Number In Vodafone, Loop, Virgin and Videocon

Once I went with my friends for shopping. It was a rainy day. We entered the shopping complex. There as I was going through a shop, my eyes fall on a dress. I liked them and wanted to buy them. I entered the shop and asked them for that dress. They told me that the dress was sold. I asked them to order same dress and inform me as they get it. They asked my mobile number. I gave them my number but it was wrong. I forgot my mobile number. It was raining heavily outside so I was unable to go outside and recharge my mobile.

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On seeing the whole issue one of the shopkeepers suggested me to dial a service code of the related Sim.  As I dialed the service code of the Sim I got my mobile automatically on my screen. My problem was solved.

Find you number in Videocon, Loop, Virgin, Vodafone

Find you number in Videocon, Loop, Virgin, Vodafone

Sometimes it is possible that one Sim may have different service codes. In that case dial any one of the service code, if you are not getting your mobile number by that service code than try another one.

This article deals with the service codes of Vodafone, Loop, Virgin and Videocon. The different codes of different Sim are given in below lines.

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Vodafone

There are several service codes for Vodafone try any of them -

  1. *555*0#
  2. *555#
  3. *111*2#

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Loop

Several service codes for loop are given below

  1. *1#
  2. *001#

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Check Your Own Mobile Number In Virgin

The service code for Virgin is the below given code.

That is *1#.

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Videocon

Videocon also has a single service code.

That is *1#.

Friends these are the various ways to find out your own mobile number easily just by dialing the service code. I think that this article has helped you to find your own mobile number by using these service codes.

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