How To Make Your Whatsapp Messenger Free For Lifetime

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As we all know that Whatsapp is a most popular messenger for Android phones, iPhone and Windows Phones. For your kind information let me tell you that Whatsapp is not free to use but you can only get its free trial for limited time. But this article guides you that how can you make your Whatsapp free for lifetime. Originally if you purchase Whatsapp, you have to pay for it some of the amount. But here is a tricky method by which you can get Whatsapp messenger free forever.

Note : It is a request from me that don’t use this trick for wrong purpose. If you are an employ, please pay for Whatsapp. I hope only students or jobless people will use this trick.

Make whatsapp free for lifetime

Make whatsapp free for lifetime

In reality, it is not any clever trick, instead it is just a messy management to save a little amount of money. As you know whenever you install Whatsapp on your smartphone, it provide you a free trial for approx one year but after 1 year, you will have to pay for its subscription for more one year. But when its free trial period ends, you can use it free without any paid subscription.

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You’ll laugh and think that it was really easy after reading further lines. So, if you see that your Whatsapp free trial period has been finished, simply delete that existing Whatsapp messenger software from your smartphone and install a new one with the same process and you’ll get again a free trial period for almost 1 year. Isn’t it very easy.

So, learn here how to delete your existing whatsapp free trial. Have a look on the following steps.

  • Open your whatsapp and navigate to Settings > Account > Delete My Account.
Whatsapp delete

Whatsapp delete

  • Now Enter your mobile number in the blank field and Click on Delete my account button.
  • You have just deleted your account from Whatsapp and you are no more on Whatsapp.
  • Now create your new account for Whatsapp messenger as previous.
  • At last check the expiry date of new whatsapp free trial by going to whatsapp Settings > Account > Payment Info. You’ll see that Whatsapp free trial will be extended.


  • Completely uninstall Whatsapp messenger from your smartphone.
  • Install it again from your appropriate app store.
  • Create your account and you’ll get a free trial.

So, friends you can do it many times to save money. I hope you all like this post. Must share and like this on your social profiles and don’t forget to speak your mind in our comment box.

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  • Anne

    Dear Raman I only uninstalled whatsapp because I had to give my phone to someone. But now I tried a million times. Its not verifying my num… I even reinstalled it. . But no use.. what to do :((

    • Raman Sharma

      Completely Delete the Whatsapp from your smartphone and make sure that the old settings has been removed. After that you should try to reinstall it and create a new account with different information.

      • Anne

        yaayyyyyyz… it really worked giving me 11 months extension :-) thank you so much Raman

  • Aney Sawant

    still 2 months remaining :(

  • Jacqueline Vanessa

    Thanks aloT works.. !!

    • Raman Sharma

      You’re welcome Jacqueline!

  • bhaja

    i have been trying your “method” but it’s not working!i deleated my account,i uninstalled whatsapp….tried again but the minute i put my number….it recognises it&asks me to pay .my whatsapp expires tomorrow after 1year free trial

    • Raman Sharma

      Hello there, you should create a new account with different number or add 0 or your country code manually before your number that’s why the app will not recognize number..

    • Michael Bradshaw

      This happened for me too. This method doesn’t work.

      • bhaja

        mmm….very frustrating,makes one wonder the validity of advise. the strange thing is that a few people tell me they’ve got a life time free…..why????is there a way to communicate with who ever owns whatsapp???? today i randomly tried again&guess what?whatapp gave me a month extension as a curtesy but i don’t think they will extend it. maybe they figured out what people were up to & now delating your account doesn’t work. if u have another sim card with a different number than yes but that’s obvious. the advise of making up a number is totally stupid because it recognises the invalid number. anyway,it confirms your number by sending a text so you can’t get out of it.

    • anonymous

      Then you dont use whatsapp, easy

  • Royal Queen

    Hello Raman I tried all the things you told me but still its giving me 1 month remaining please help!!! My life depend on whatsapp please please please help me!!!

    • Raman Sharma

      Hi Royal Queen,
      I think that your old WhatsApp settings are withstand..So, first make sure that your old WhatsApp settings has been removed and then install it again..
      This is only the way, some people are happy with this and some are frustrating..You should try yourself.Procedure is given in article.

      • Royal Queen

        I did exactly as you mentioned in your article… still no luck :(

  • :D

    Will it affect all those contacts/chat/group?

  • ㄷㄹㄷ해

    should I changes the number? or it still work if I use my old number?

    • Raman Sharma

      Please do it helped many people!!

  • lol

    the men that i bought my phone from said that its free for one year and now whenever i run out of credit it wont work!!! got my phone 2 months ago plzzzz i need your help

    • Raman Sharma

      Apply the above procedure..It may help you!

    • bee

      WhatsApp uses ur cellular connection to work. When u run out of credit, ur network provider disconnects ur data usage u so that’s why it doesn’t without credit.

  • sonshi

    xcuse me i have a really important mssge in my whatsapp number to recieve if i delete my account then i will be out of all groups i have and all history will be deleted… isnt there another way not to pay whatsapp????

    • Raman Sharma

      Pay for it sonshi..!! Don’t become anxious due to a little amount of money..!!

  • Happy

    Hello Raman,
    Thanks a lot..It works for me..

  • Janu viji

    if i delete whatsapp account and i still have subscription remaining for 2 more months..after sometimes will my subscription be continued during reinstallation?? please suggest me……

    • Raman Sharma

      If you reinstall your whatsapp according to above procedure then you’ll get 1 year more free trial. Otherwise by reinstalling usually, you’ll get your old subscription.

      • Raheem Khan

        does it will delete my message history??
        If So
        Then How To Recover It??

        • Raman Sharma

          If you apply the above trick to make whatsapp free for lifetime then all your whatsapp messages may be delete and there is no method to recover them in my views. So, be careful about that.

  • Swapnil

    I did it…but during reinstallation i got…ur 1month subscription remaining

    • Yousra Salah

      same thing happened to me :s

  • Nasim

    Raman when I try this it comes unable to connect,please try again later. So what should I do…plz help me


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