How to Type in Hindi Using English Keyboard

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Dear friends ! You must have seen on many websites, social networks that many times people type in Hindi instead of English and many text documents are also written in Hindi. Do you know that there is no special keyboard for typing Hindi, in fact you can type in Hindi using your English keyboard.

So friends, there are so many Hindi typing tools available on the web to type Hindi by pressing English alphabets. You can also use most of these tools for online Hindi typing. I am going to tell you about Google Hindi Tool and how to use this tool on your PC to type in Hindi with English keyboard.

Type in Hindi using English keyboard Online

You can easily type in Hindi with Google Hindi Input Tools Online. It is an excellent place to type in Hindi by pressing English alphabets like Mera Naam Raman Hai (मेरा नाम रमन है).After write sentence,copy it and paste where you want to write in Hindi.

Online Hindi typing

Online Hindi typing

Download and Install Google Hindi Input Tool

You can also download and install Google Hindi Input Tool to your computer for more comfortable use, in fact, can be used even offline. Here is how-

  • Go to Here,select language(Hindi),Accept Terms and Conditions and Click Download.
Download Google Input Tool

Download Google Input Tool

  • After downloading,open Control Panel and select “Language and Region”.
Region and Language

Region and Language

  • Now click “Keyboards and Languages” and then Click “Change Keyboards”.
Change keyboards

Change keyboards

  • At last click “Language bar” and select “Docked in Task Bar” to integrate Hindi typing tool with your computer.
Language bar-docked in Task bar

Language bar-docked in Task bar

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That’s it ! Now,With the help of this Hindi typing tool,you can easily type in Hindi. You can change your language as needed.

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