How To View Your Forgotten WiFi Network Password in Windows PC

Now a days, users of WiFi connection are increasing day by day because of its affordable price and fast internet browsing. So, if you are using WiFi connection, it is also very necessary to protect your network from your surroundings with the help of a strong password. But many times it may happen that you forget your WiFi password because of the multiple account passwords in our mind. So, here you don’t need to worry about that because your Windows PC enables you to view your forgotten WiFi network security password very easily.

So, this article guides you about how to view your forgotten WiFi network password in Windows XP and Windows 7 PC. Have a look on the steps included to do so –

STEP 1 : Open Start menu and search for Manage Wireless Networks in Programs and files search bar.

STEP 2 : Here you’ll see your wireless networks. Double click on your active network and select Security tab.

Open wireless security

Open wireless security

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STEP 3 : Tick Show characters to view your forgotten WiFi network password.

View WiFi Password

View WiFi Password

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That’s all ! So, here you can view your WiFi password when you forget it. I hope it will help you and even if you have any problem to do it, speak your mind freely in our comment box to fix your problem.

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