Top 5 Free Music Composing Apps For Your Android Phone

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As we see in our surroundings that every youngster wants to become an actor, singer, music artist, music composer etc. But if you don’t have a lot of resources and interested in music composing, these top 5 music composing apps will surely help you. You can install these apps from Google play store for free on your Android phone.

So, don’t throttle your dream and interest of music composing. Read carefully about these free android apps to compose music on your Android phone and tablet.

1. Music Composition

Music Composition

Music Composition

Music Composition is a free Android app that enables you to compose music with your phone and tablet. This music composer is an excellent tools for music students, artists, singers and song writers. There are several features of this app –

  • Musical notation editor
  • Playable with 128 instruments including Piano, Organ, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Drum and more
  • Calculates the size of each measure and fills automatically
  • Export to playable audio file
  • Export to printable image file.

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For more details like size, updates and what’s new, visit the link in the title. This link is connected through Google play store and you can install this app for free from there as well.

2. Music Composer (Lite)

Music Composer

Music Composer

This app is used to compose music in your Android phone. It is a free Android app and you can install it from Google play store for free. If you are serious in music composing, this app will exactly made for you. Some interesting features of this app are following –

  • Finger track discs light up and follow your movements on the screen
  • Multi-touch supported
  • It plays real time piano based on your finger movements
  • Music stored in MIDI file
  • MIDI files are saved in two track format

There are so many features of this app. Keep reading by visiting the above link. you can also install this app from there.

3. Ensemble Composer

Ensemble Composer

Ensemble Composer

Ensemble Composer is another free Android app to compose music on your phone and tablet. It is very easy to use as compared to above apps. With the help of this Ensemble Composer app, you can be a talented music composer anywhere. This app also enables you to record your flashes of inspiration wherever they strike. Some more useful features are –

  • Uses MIDI for sound
  • Supports saving stores for future re-edit
  • It can play 15 instruments simultaneously
  • You can set your compositions as ringtone
  • Multiple levels of Undo for easy and smooth editing

Visit the link to see the more features and details about the app. You can also install this app from this link on your Android device.

4. Maestro



It is also a free app to compose music on your Android. So, install this app from Google play store and enjoy composing music with your fingers on your Android device. Maestro is primarily a music notation editor, but includes a pitch pipe and metronome as well. Have a look on the following main features of this app –

  • You can change key signature
  • Changeable time signature
  • You can choose instrument you want to hear and play
  • It’s very fast & easy to use

For more details, visit it’s Google play page linked above with the heading. You can also install this app very simply from Google play without paying money.

5. Musical Note Pad Free


Musical Note Pad

As the name suggests, it is the free Android app to compose music on your Android device. This app offers you a standard musical notation to compose music. Not only you can write, save and load your compositions in-spite you can play them back audibly by choosing from 128 MIDI instruments. More interesting features –

  • Offers SD-card save and auto-save functionality
  • Musical NotePad directory to access files directly
  • Increased max zoom-out distance in new version
  • Chords now have stems and flags

That’s all guys! Install any of them for your entertainment. If you are serious to become a musician, these apps are mandatory for you. These apps are the best platform to learn music composition.

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