What to do When Your Cell Phone Falls in Water

Cell phones have become an important part of everyone’s life. Today wherever we go, we carry our cell phone with us. It doesn’t matter whether it is our bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool or anywhere else.

As we all know, dropping cell is a very common accident which happens with most of the cell phone users now and then. This accident makes you nervous about what to do and what not. The reason behind this nervousness may be the fear of losing your important documents, or many important contacts or anything else and your cell phone if it is costly.

Cell Phone Falls in water

Cell Phone Falls in water

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Never get nervous or confused about what to do and what not when your cell phone falls in water. Because it may happen that in nervousness you take a wrong step and damage your mobile. This damage may be unrepairable. So you should be calm even if your cell phone falls in water and follow the below given steps and instructions. These steps and instructions can bring your cell phone back to work without any internal or external harm.

What to do when your cell phone falls in water

Follow the following step when your cell phone falls in water

  • First of all take out your cell phone immediately after it falls in the water. This may lead to the least damage.
  • Then Remove the battery cover and take out the battery without any delay.
  • Take out the SIM Card from your cell phone and wipe it softly with a cotton cloth or a cotton ball.
  • Remove all other accessories attached to your phones such as memory card, ear phone and many others and unblock the slot.
  • Wipe all parts of mobile with a soft towel and a soft hand. To dry up the mobile parts.
  •  Now place your phone in the rice bag so that the left water in the mobile gets dried up or in the normal sunlight.
  • After that wait for 10 to 12 hours and then switch on your cell phone.

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Note: – Even after following these steps if your cell phone is not working then take it to the service center.

What not to do when your cell phone falls in water

  • You should never try to switch on your cell phone if it falls in water because this may cause short circuit. This may cause a huge damage to your cell phone and you can lose your cell phone for ever.
  • Never separate the parts of your cell phone until you are skilled to do so. Because in this way you can accidentally harm your cell phone. This may lead to the unwanted damage.
  • Never put on the charger soon after taking your mobile out of water. This may damage the system of your cell phone.
  • Never use hair dryer to dry up your cell phone because too much heat can damage your cell phone.
  • Never try to dry your cell phone by placing it inside the oven. It may lead to a huge harm and make your cell phone melt down.

So, try these all suggestions and hope these will help you a lot.

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