How To Find Your Own Mobile Number in Docomo, Airtel and Reliance

Friends I know that it happens many times that you forget your mobile number and feel difficulty to find it. To get rid of this problem here are different codes for different Sim through which you can find your mobile number easily for free. This article deals with different codes for different Sim, by dialing these codes you can easily find your mobile number.

In this article we provide you tricky codes check out your own mobile number in Tata Docomo, Airtel and Reliance. With this article you can easily find your mobile number in Docomo, Airtel and Reliance by dialing their codes.

It happens many time that one Sim may have different codes. So you if are dialing a code and you are not getting your mobile number then try another one.

Codes of Docomo, Airtel and Reliance are given below :

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Docomo

Docomo Logo

Docomo Logo

There are various service codes to find out your own mobile number in Docomo. Codes are following and you can use one of them.

  1. *580#
  2. *1#
  3. *124#

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Airtel

Airtel Logo

Airtel Logo

There are also various service codes for Airtel. They are following -

  1. *121*9#
  2. *140*1600#
  3. *400*2*1*10#

If you are not getting your mobile number with either of the codes in Airtel then just type FREE and send it to 54321 or send blank SMS to 59130 you will get your mobile number in a massage.

Check Your Own Mobile Number In Reliance

Reliance Logo

Reliance Logo

Reliance codes to find out your own number are following -

  1. *1#
  2. *111#

Friends I think that this article will help you to find out your mobile number for Docomo, Airtel and Reliance

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  1. pushpendra

    for reliance now its change its now

    • ravikant panchey

      thank bro

  2. altaf


  3. Prince

    Thanks, I got my rim no. and both 1*# and *1# are working.

  4. Praveen Raja

    i have sim number are you find mobile number possible?

  5. Sathish Shesathri

    guys pls help me to find my DoCoMo number ….these above codes are not working….

    • Raman Sharma

      For docomo, *1# is working for me..Try again!!
      There is none other than these codes for finding own mobile number..Still if available, I will search for that!
      Thanks for commenting..

      • Sathish Shesathri

        I got it by *580#…Thanks for reply..

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